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Oct. 18th, 2007



Thought y'all might want to know...


Sep. 28th, 2007



Five Buck Friday

Friday, September 28, 2007 is Five Buck Friday: Both of the Practice Time DVDs are on sale for $5 each.

Also, they are currently offering free shipping on orders greater than $50.

Sep. 14th, 2007



New Series is available

I love Rachel dearly and can't say enough good things about Signing Time, but I really do not like the new series of Signing Time. Rachel comes across as very fake now. :( The first series was much better.

Ow. It's hurting my head.

Aug. 30th, 2007



Coupon Time!

For those of you interested in making a purchase from Signing Time!, if you purchase before September 30 and use the code "edu30" (without quotation marks), you can save 30% on your order. This is the educator discount, but it does not say anywhere you have to be an educator to use the discount.

Just thought I'd share.

Aug. 1st, 2007



Pre-order special!

If you pre-order Volumes 1-3 of Series 2 of Signing Time, there is a 16% discount, a $10 gift certificate for future purchases, and the chance to have autographed copies.

Happy Signing!

Jul. 28th, 2007



Series 2, Volumes 1-3 to be released soon

I'm not sure of the dates, but there are hints found in the forums and in Rachel's blog. Yay for new episodes! :)

Jul. 12th, 2007

just a girl


links to share

Best deal I found for BST (1&2+CD's): http://www.childsigning.com/signingtime.html

Helpful site with videos: http://commtechlab.msu.edu/SITES/ASLWEB/browser.htm

Jul. 11th, 2007

Sun always shines on TV - fritters



Just a little intro. I found this comm via catscar. I had recently posted that I saw this show in PBS last Saturday & loved it!

I learned signs for:
get dressed

SO COOL! I gotta figure out how to schedule recording with my DVD recorder, but it is on waaaaaay too early for me. (I was only up at such a horrid hour because my 13-yr-old son was sick.) My son doesn't seem to interested, but I sure am! :)

Jul. 10th, 2007

just a girl


Started signing!

We are only doing a few signs (the ones we remember really)...milk, diaper, mommy...

Violet and I have watched Baby Signing Time vol. 1 (BST1) all the way through once and the first couple segments a few times in partial sittings. DH still needs to see it all the way through. The "hurt" section is SOOO sad...I literally got tears. (I'm a silly mommy...)

I can't wait for Vi to sign back...but I know that's months off. She's going to be 8 months old on Friday.

How often should we turn on the DVD? (The best time during the week is in the evening, before DH gets home, between 5 and 7 pm.) I also have the CD's (vol. 1 & 2), should I start playing them in the car or will that drive me nuts before she's even into them?

On a fun note, Vi has displayed a sense of humor on multiple occasions, so I wasn't too surprised, but very pleased that she always laughs at the animated hijinks at the beginning of BST1. So cute!

Jul. 4th, 2007



Gotta love vacations

Background info: I live in Texas and my family does not. Every so often I venture to the land of ice and snow (Michigan) for extended stays with my family so my daughter gets play time with Nana, Papa, and all of her aunts, uncles, and cousins. Of course, shortly after creating this community, I left for Detroit and have been here for some time (will be returning to the ark tomorrow if it hasn't floated away, though).

Now... I know this isn't the first post, and that's quite alright. Eventually, I'll get it together (my act, that is), and get some good posts up for anyone new to Signing Time. Be sure to check the profile for any questions you might have (I believe I have all the various other groups listed there such as myspace, yahoo, etc) and what you can't find there, feel free to post. I probably have a few posts in my personal journal that will be up here as soon as I get a chance, mainly about our success with ST and the questions people have asked me.

If anyone wants to post info on Signing Time, Baby Signing Time, ASL, sales at the website, new signing activities, ST Live events, etc., please feel free to do so. The posts are not screened, but if necessary, they will be moderated (I highly doubt that will be necessary, though).

Also, if anyone has anything they'd like to see added to the profile, please let me know, either in a post or an email (sm00bs at livejournal dot com works).

Okay, it's time to pull my prefolds out of the dryer and pack them for our trip home. Happy signing!

~ your stuffy-headed-over-tired-anxious-about-flying-with-the-critter moderator

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