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Sad News for PBS Viewers

Rachel announced recently in her blog that Signing Time has not received the backing from major sponsors it needs to continue being aired on PBS stations. As of October 1, 2008, PBS will no longer have Signing Time on the schedule.

To be honest, we never watched it on PBS here since it was only on once a week and at such an odd time. I didn't even know it was on PBS anywhere until we went to see Rachael and Leah last year at a free concert in Abilene.


That's too bad. We also never have seen it on PBS (but then we don't officially have cable or any tv service).


We miss the show. Our kids loved it. Even though our children are not hearing impaired it was a very good show for teaching children another languge.



Loved the show! My daughter is not hearing impaired, but we taught her signing to help us through the non-vocal stage. She loved the show and we all learned a lot. I think that is where she learned to love animals so much was by watching the Zoo Train over & over again! We miss you Signing Time, thanks for the education.


Please Bring it Back

When we stumbled over the show my son was 1yr and my older girls were 5 and 7. Everyone loved the show. It was the only one my son would watch and then after his second birthday we found out he is profoundly deaf. Then we really started to watch and learn. Thank-you so much for helping us learn, something that otherwise would have been more difficult to learn. Thanks and please bring it back!!


Re: Please Bring it Back

I just did a search to find out why we could not find this show anymore! Oh No! My family and I want it back as well. This is the one show my children looked forward to on Sunday mornings. We use signs in the home since their mother is hard of hearing. The show makes the signs they know into fun use.

We agree with the other comments.. please bring i back.


only reason I ordered PBS

I recently bought a package where I can choose my channels for tv. I was wondering why I had never seen it broadcasted. I thought maybe it was because I was in Canada. I am disappointed. I would have loved to see the show on tv. I have the PVR so I could have taped it.


signing time videos

You can buy the videos online and they are wonderful. My 14 month old knows and uses over 25 signs!!! we love love love the dvds! signingtime.com, or amazon oe ebay!


Re: signing time videos

Hello Rachel! I really enjoyed watching signing time on pbs on Thursdays. I live in Michigan. I would dvr them so we could watch it at a more convenient time. we switched our cable box and lost all the recordings I had . I was sorry to find out today that your program would not be on tv anymore. You do such good work.
Thank you! Sandra