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rredhead in signingtime

My Opinion of Series 2

I tend to agree with sm00bs. I think Rachel is just coming across as "I'm doing a children's show." I HATE the intermediate "times" - "Counting Time", "Story Time", and most of all "Hopping Time." HOPPING! Is that to fulfill some mandate that children have to move for a certain amount of time in each half hour? 
That said, Jack loves the new series. Especially Happy Birthday. He keeps saying and signing it, especially when he sees candles. He signs Happy Birthday, not candle. And now, he can sign cake.
Actually, Jack's signs have exploded in the past week. He can do a lot of the colors, thanks to Box of Crayons, and to me sitting and watching with him.


Curious...at what age do they watch Signing Time? Violet is almost 1 and she only really watches Baby Signing Time (1&2). She likes them alot tho!
We never had Baby Signing Time - can't afford the DVDs. We started watching Signing Time before Jack was 9 months old. I don't remember exactly, I just know it was before our vacation, because we brought a VHS tape that had ST on it.
I think Sophie was about 13 or 14 months when I decided to pop the ST videos in for her again. She wasn't very keen on them before that. She still loves to watch BST, but we don't do it very often (they're currently loaned out to isyllt).

If you have the new versions of the first three volumes of series one, she'll probably enjoy them although volume one is a bit on the slow side (and contains signs she's mostly learned already probably).
I think one of the reasons for the extreme fakeness is Rachel is trying to enunciate better. Have you noticed how exaggerated her signs are (and her mouthing, for that matter)?

I want to smack the writers of Story Time. What crack are these people smoking? Perhaps it's lack of oxygen and moisture from being in Utah. ;)

I haven't seen Hopping Time yet. We only have Volumes 1-3 of series 2. The rest haven't been released on DVD yet. Our PBS station isn't picking ST back up until January.

Sophie signs cake, but says "mmm, cake" when she does it, thanks to Rachel. ;)

Her entire vocabulary all of a sudden just went nuts, which I expected around this time. I still get a kick out of the late night wakings when she feels the need to sit up and sign to us. It's cute... to a point.

A little off topic, have you noticed in vols 4-6 that Rachel seems to have this "sexy" thing going on? It's almost like she's trying to be sexy (I don't think she *isn't* sexy, but it seems obvious in these episodes). I think my favorite volumes as far as Rachel goes are 7-12. She's still relaxed, but professional at the same time.